Our Low Merchant Account Rates Can Save You Thousands

Over time, merchant account fees can really add up. Here at Merchant Industry Accounts we don't hit you with a bunch of hidden fees like other providers, nor do we give you low teaser rates that expire and then raise your rates after you sign up.

Click on your type of credit card acceptance below in order to see the fees for that method of processing:
Internet Most transactions will take place via an Internet website and processed in real time.
Mail / Phone Order Majority of your transactions are done over the phone or through the mail, and transactions will be keyed in.
Retail Storefront Most credit card transactions are face to face, and swiped through a card reader.
Wireless Majority of transactions will be swiped through a wireless terminal.
Phone Processing Majority of transactions will be phoned in and entered via a touch tone phone.
ACH / Checks You would also like to process checks (ACH) in addition to credit cards.

We are simply dedicated to providing you with the best merchant account, equipment,
and software at the overall lowest cost, often saving hundreds even thousands of
dollars in the process.
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As an organization with 1000's of Sales Partners, we’re adept at
underwriting a diverse set of applicants across numerous industries.

We look for ways to say YES and pride ourselves on our ability to cater to the Sales Partners needs. 95% of our applicants are approved and we make it easy for you!! We’re trained to handle small to medium sized businesses and take the steps to help our partners.

Just one example is our Site Service Substitute. While banks will only allow you to provide a site survey and photos (inside and out with address and business name clearly visible) we’ve created an alternate option. In lieu of conducting a site survey and providing compliant photos, you can provide ANY ONE of the following items (in order of effectiveness) which verifies the name and physical address as submitted on the application:

a) Credit Card Processing Statements (if applicable)
b) Business License/Fictitious DBA Name Filing/Sales Tax License
c) Utility Bill
d) Phone Bill (with the service address matching the physical address on the application)
e) Yellow Page Advertisement
f) Lease Agreement
g) Certificate of Occupancy
h) Association Directory while banks require pictures

Just another way we at Merchant Industry make it easier for you!

Customer Comments

"I wanted to commend you on your skillfulness and patience in guiding us through this process. We made it a pretty long one for you. I hope it wasn't too frustrating. If I meet up with anyone looking for a merchant account I will definitely refer them to you. Thank you again for making this dream come true in our print shop. I can hardly believe now when people ask if they can pay by credit card I won't be answering "We're working on that" anymore!"

Tommy Grupman
Pravda Media

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