ACH/Checks Merchant Account Rates
The following lists our ACH check processing rates through eCheck. ACH Check processing allows you to charge your customer's checking account for goods and services. The check may or may not be present, and the information from the check or checking account is hand entered. An Authorize.Net account is required for eCheck ACH check processing.

Check Processing and ACH Rates
Setup Fee: $25
eCheck Discount Rate:
$0-$4,999.99 Transaction Volume 
$5,000.00-$49,999.99 Transaction Volume 
$50,000.00 + Transaction Volume 
0.98% - 1.74%
eCheck Transaction Fee: 30 ¢

In addition, we also offer a free check collection service. The check collection service will collect any bad checks on your behalf, at no cost to you. You will never have to deal with bounced or NSF checks from your customers again. The following lists the check collection fees:

Service Industry Average Merchant Industry
Setup Fee
$100 $0
Monthly Cost
$10 - $20 $0

If a check does not clear, the check is forwarded to the check collection center. Up to three attempts are then made to electronically debit the amount of the check, plus a returned check fee, from your customer's bank account. This has approximately an 80% success rate, depending on industry.

If the electronic debit is successful, you are paid the full face value of the check. If the check cannot be electronically debited after three attempts, then a collection agency will collect the check, and you are paid 50% of what is collected.



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